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January 31, 2019

Storm Damage To Roof On Maui – Repair Tip 2: Choose Professional Roofing Contractor

Looking for a roofing company in Wailuku, Hawaii, shouldn’t be a difficult task. One thing you shouldn’t fall for, though, is the deceptive charm of storm chasers, which we have discussed in an earlier post. But what are the benefits of working with a legit roofer to repair storm damage to roof on Maui?

1. You get fast response.

Occasionally, a storm is so violent as to leave houses with seriously damaged roofs. Many homeowners can’t sleep with a broken window; most can’t sleep with a wrecked roof. That’s why we have roofing contractors here at Pacific Roofing & Repair who handle emergency roof repair or restoration work and resolve storm damage to roof on Maui even at midnight or in the small hours.

Our roofers will attend to your concerns, inspect your roof, assess damage, and perform repairs right away after the storm passes.

2. Professional roofing contractors adhere to state building codes.

Professional contractors go through training and licensing, which expose them to auxiliary tasks involved in restoration or repair work. Licensed roofers are aware of local building codes and are compliant with such rules when repairing or replacing your roof. In addition, they have your roofing warranty and insurance in mind when carrying out restoration and repairs to storm damage to roof on Maui.

3. Contractor insurance protects you from liabilities.

Rarely, a mistake in judgment or inevitable human error happens while we’re at work. Don’t worry because our services are covered by insurance. Contractor insurance frees you from any liability if a worker injures himself while repairing your roof. It also covers damage to your property, which again rarely, if ever, happens.

Storm chasers don’t have insurance. If they break your chimney while they’re replacing the shingles, you can’t hold them liable for that. Moreover, if they fell from the roof and break their back, that’s on you.

4. Workmanship warranty protects you from substandard work.

Storm chasers don’t guarantee excellent work on storm damage to roof on Maui, and they disappear quickly as they have appeared. You can’t run after them if their work crumbles after three days.

In contrast, we at Pacific Roofing & Repair pride ourselves in great workmanship. We provide warranty to protect your investment.

5. We help you with your insurance claims.

We recommend professional damage assessment after a storm for insurance claims. Anyone can take note of torn gutters or broken shingles, but only an experienced roofing mechanic can properly document damage. It’s crucial that you contact a professional roofer after a storm, ideally before people start clearing the streets. Also, insurance providers rely on accurate documentation of storm damage to roof on Maui and distrust your or an average Joe’s damage assessment.

Our contractors work with insurance providers and keep their requirements in mind when doing inspections and repairing roof damage. We want you to feel assured that you’re putting your trust in people who do the job of restoring your roof well.

If you’re anywhere in or near Wailuku, Hawaii, and you need roof replacement or repairs for storm damage to roof on Maui, call Pacific Roofing & Repair at 808-244-9412.







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