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Pacific Roofing & Repair, LLC is the Maui roofing contractor you can trust for thorough roof inspections and honest reports on the condition of your roof. We recommend scheduling an inspection after any severe weather, as this is when most roof damages occur. Hawaii is known for its crazy rain and snow storms, so be sure to give our inspections team a call to ensure your roof is okay. We also provide roof inspections for homeowners looking to sell, buy or rent property. Just like typical house inspections, the evaluation of a home conducted by a inspector can point out any problems that may otherwise go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

One of the most important home maintenance services you can invest in is a routine roof inspection. Having to make repairs to roofing is one of the more costly home improvement projects, especially when problems are not caught quickly enough and allowed to get out of hand. For example, you may not notice that roof leak until it has gone so far as to start forming spots on your ceiling. At that point, mold growth and other structural damages will have already occurred. However, if you schedule regular home inspections, you can rest assured that the keen eye of our roof inspections experts will be able to catch such issues before they turn into even more expensive problems that require more than simple repairs.

Roof inspections will also help you ensure you don’t have to replace your roof sooner than necessary due to poor maintenance. Get an honest evaluation of your roof’s condition today. Call Pacific Roofing & Repair, LLC today to schedule service with our roof inspections specialists.

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