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January 22, 2019

How Professional Roof Inspections on Maui Are Conducted

Homeowners have a number of ways to keep their roofs in shape, and one most useful initiative is a regular roof inspections on Maui. Checking for defects in the structures of your covering is the first step in keeping it in top shape. It keeps nasty surprises at bay and prevents costly repairs by detecting issues early on before they go unchecked and worsen through time.

Should you do your own inspection? If you know what to look for, by all means save your money and just do it yourself. But most homeowners don’t know how to properly inspect it. If you’re one of them, keep in mind that roof inspections are an important task that should never be done haphazardly. You’re better off entrusting reliable roofing contractors like Pacific Roofing and Repair if you’re in Wailuku, Hawaii.

Are you wondering how we do roof inspections on Maui?

Inspecting Your Roof’s Exterior

We have trained inspectors who climb roofs to get a closer look. Signs of deterioration are clearer at closer inspection. Examining the shingles closely is much better than just walking around the house and watching your roof from a ten feet away. An inspector can test the shingles to see if they’re brittle or lose. They also check the valleys, flashing, or gutters. They make sure spots that are prone to leaks are okay. Otherwise, they will recommend repairs.

Inspecting the Interior

Roof inspections on Maui aren’t limited to its external structures. Examining the inside structures is just as important as checking the shingles. Roofers assess the integrity of the insulation and the proper functioning of the ventilation, both of which determine the health of your roof.

A more important part of interior inspection is checking for signs of leaks, which include water stains, dampness, and mold. The presence of any of these signs means your roof should be repaired right away.

Implementing Solutions

Once roof inspections on Maui are complete with the assessment of the roof’s external and internal conditions, we will draft recommendations for the homeowner. We discuss our assessments with our clients because we want them to know what the problems are and what can be done to restore their roof. If your roof needs repairs, we will give you a detailed estimate based on our recommendations.

Pacific Roofing and Repair is the roofing contractor that Wailuku trusts. Not only do we provide excellent materials, but also do we deliver great workmanship and excellent roof inspections on Maui. If you want to schedule an inspection, call us at 808-244-9412.







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